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Psychotherapy & Coaching 

Cezary Jaszkowski

tel. 884 317 875

About me

Cezary Jaszkowski | Psychoterapeuta, Coach

My name is Cezary Jaszkowski. 

I am a gestalt psychotherapist and coach. I also graduated sociology and have 8 years experience working in business environment. I have been yoga practisioner for 7 years. I support my clients in their way to the fuller and happier life, with authentic way of being, self expression and rewarding relationships.

My psychotheraputical journey, that became my life passion, had began in 2012. Since then I have been in the post graduated Psychotherapist progam at the Gestalt Institute in Crakow (ITG), accreditated center by european asssociations of therapists EAGT and EAP.


I deepen my profesional experience, taking part in therapeutic workshops,  conferences or internships.

  • In 2014 i completed program "Art and science of coaching" in Erickson College International. 

  • Between 2014 and 2016 I completed two therapeutic internship in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology.

  • In april 2016 graduated international program “Gestalt Practioner in Organizations” for coaches and organizational consultants. 

  • In july 2016 I took part in Couples Therapy training run by Rita and Bob Resnick from Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles (GATLA).

O mnie:

I work in Warsaw with individuals, couples and teams helping them to overcome various difficulties met in their private lifes or at work.


In my current therapeutical practise I have been working with clients struggling with various difficulties: mood disorders, depresion, lack of satisfaction in important relations, excessive expectations, low self esteem, impulsivness, with clients that expercienced loss or mourning, that grew up in dysfunctional families.


As I experienced working in the corporate environment, topics related to burnout, overwork, work&life balance are close to me. I work also with artits, creative proffesions and everybody who wants to unleash their creativity and be more authentic in relations and enjoy more harmony in his/her life.

Work with clients that:

  • experience difficulties in personal and professional life

  • have a problem in building satisfying relationships

  • struggle with depression

  • feel unhappy or worthless, can not spontaneously

  • express joy and exciment

  • would like to strenghten their boundaries

  • can not identify their needs

  • want to strenghten self-esteem


  • have difficulty reconciling the loss or separation

  • are in mourning or go through a crisis

  • experience a lack of a sense of meaning and purpose in life

  • suffer from loneliness

  • feel shame in social situations

  • experiencing stress or burnout

  • feel the need for personal development

  • want to make a change in their life



To make an appointment:

+48 884-317-875

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